It's a loading screen! The suspense!

Background and Font Sampler

Try different colors, sizes, and font families from Google's font directory.

Parallax with jQuery

Layers of movement.

In progress.

Resizable Column Width

Change the width of a column with just a click and drag.

In progress.

Site Information

Get details about a specific site similar to samspade.org.

In progress.

Sliding Panel Navigation

Use html, jQuery, and css to create a sliding navigation panel.

Seattle Outdoor Movies

Calendar of outdoor movies in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and some other places. Updated irregularly.

Morning Star's Metal Creations

Site rebuild. Montana-metal.com sells metal silhouette artwork.

Random Number Generator

Show a random number between 1 and a million. That's it.

Website Chat

I've wanted a way for people to chat with me via my website when I'm online. Google Chatback works but I wanted it to be prettier.

Date Math

"Between the numbers 123456789, in that order, insert a basic operator, so that the resulting expression equals the current year."

PHP Image Tweaker

My journey to create a php dropshadow, php border, php resizer for images to replace some css magic.

Dance Party
Dance Party 2

Now with music! And Dancers! Customizable Dancers! It's stupid!

Haiku Generator

Create a haiku on demand from existing haikus.

CSS Play

Makes a lot of little boxes with colors. But doesn't really do anything.

In progress.


Testing gdata api. Update: I guess I should add events to it.


Sliding menu. Uses jquery. Gliding if I can figure it out. Update: I'm in love with jquery.